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At Climbing Turn, we believe there is one way, our way, to develop websites!  We passionately believe that if a company invests significant revenue in designing and building a new website it should, not only look beautiful, but deliver a positive impact to the business’ bottom line! In order to do this you need an experienced and talented team, which is where we come in.

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As software developers we know the true power of a website, and it isn’t just looking pretty (although we do that too!). The really exciting work is when you can make an ecommerce site allow the customer to build its own bike, while also telling the production line what needs reordering – we do that!  Or if you are a touring theatre company and need the website to tell your customers where you will be on what dates, but will also allow the touring manager to see where all the actors need to be over the country – then Climbing Turn is for you!

At Climbing Turn we fundamentally feel a website can be a fantastic business tool not just a pretty brochure.  With over 35 years of joint experience we know what works and what doesn’t and we are not scared to share our knowledge with you. We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we shied away from telling you when you are wrong.  Let’s face it we are the experts at this so we should know more, it is why you pay us after all!

Once built, your website is yours and we hand it back to you to manage (although we train you how) with the flexibility, that should you want to work with another developer you can (not that you will our clients have been with us for many years).  We don’t lock you into our own bespoke templates, we love ExpressionEngine for lots of reasons, but importantly it allows our clients to work with other agencies.  This gives you the comfort that if something were to happen to us (don’t worry we are not planning on going anywhere) you won’t have to start again.

There really is only one way to build websites, one way, our way!

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