Touring Software for Theatres

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Who’s Involved?

Vamos Theatre is the UK's leading full mask theatre company, taking its funny and fearless brand of wordless theatre across the length and breadth of the country and beyond since 2006.

As well as providing its touring theatre productions, Vamos Theatre also offers:

  • outreach programmes for the health care sector ( Arts In Healthcare )
  • corporate workshops and performances ( Arts in Business )
  • special commissions - bespoke works for specific events or organisations

This project is a collaboration with alienpen.

What Was Needed?

A touring company needs on-point logistics and communication to ensure that performers and members of the backstage crew are in the right place at the right time. As well as being crucial for show dates, it’s also essential for rehearsals and stage management. This involves details of theatre access, accommodation, travel arrangements and rehearsal/show times plus associated publicity events.

Some or all of the cast and team are involved with each stage. Their availability needed to be accessed by members of the Vamos Theatre team responsible for scheduling dates and coordinating resources, (people and equipment).

A tool to facilitate this complex organisational requirement with accuracy and efficiency as needed.

What Happened?

The first step was to produce a bespoke scheduling system that was added to the Vamos Theatre website’s CMS. This software automatically published tour dates to the website saving additional time. After six years, Vamos Theatre outgrew this system.

We developed an entirely new scheduling system as a separate application to meet the expanded needs of the Vamos Theatre.

A second, smaller, application is used by the Vamos staff to see their own personal calendar. The online system has removed the need to print and circulate diaries and itineraries. It also enables immediate changes. Performance dates are made available on the website without any additional editing. This includes dates, times, venue address, box office numbers, social media tags and a map with pins indicating the location of each performance.

The applications were written using the React framework which means they function like an "app" within a web browser. The back end of the system is managed by Climbing Turn's "Merlin Data Engine" which is responsible for data security, data API and all data management on the server.

The Outcome

The new systems offer greater efficiency to the Vamos Theatre team, specifically involving:

  • Project Management - the ability to set up a project and assign personnel to it.
  • Scheduling - a calendar system to book events, accommodation, travel, equipment and other events for each project. 
  • Finances can be managed - including the issuing of invoices.
  • Contact Management - includes a database of venues, accommodation, people, local authorities - in fact anyone they need to deal with.
  • Personnel Management - including assigning team members to events and personal calendars.
  • Performance Listings - the website is updated instantly as show dates are entered to the calendar system.
  • Arts Council - provides reports in the required format for Arts Council funding submissions.

As well as saving time for the team, information is more easily accessed by everyone involved with touring productions, outreach programmes and corporate events.

The Client’s Perspective

Climbing turn have been my "go-to" digital and software development company for many years now. I have yet to find the limits of their knowledge, commitment or creativity which ensures every project starts with the question "can we get CT involved in this?" This combined with their flexibility and down to earth communications has meant that working with Climbing Turn has ensured my clients get really fantastic tangible results, whatever their budget. I can't imagine looking elsewhere and would definitely recommend.
- Alien Pen