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Customisable API builder for creating applications

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Dare to be different. Take control

What is it?

Merlin is the data management tool built by developers for developers - your data, your way – with a touch of Merlin magic.

Build your own APIs for your various data sources and build something totally new!

Key Features

  • Hoover up the ingredients you want. Merlin is a data engine which enables you to import data from almost any data source.
  • Lightweight and flexible system designed to make your job faster.
  • The data structure is defined by you - rather than using any proprietary table structure.
  • It’s not “website-centric" works for any digital product.
  • Merlin can be used as a data migration tool.
  • Take control of the presentation layer. Use your preferred tools and programming language.
  • Easily import data from other formats and systems.
  • Manage and publish data without imposing any restrictions on either.
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