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Pathologica main case study image
Pathologica main case study image
Pathologica main case study image

Who's Involved?

Pathologica is looking to gain interest in a really exciting new development in clinical science using software to provide rapid clinical interpretations.  We worked together with Ben Hayward to provide Pathologica with Branding and a website portal for their product.

What was needed?

Their software provides rapid clinical interpretations at point of care, generating expert-level reports from routine blood test data.  The reports that the system gives are

  • Biochemistry results
  • Haematology results
  • Biochemistry and haematology values, combined with clinical signs

They needed a portal to their software, something that would explain what their product does whilst also promoting their brand.

What happened?

We created a site that conveys their clinical expertise conveying a clean and clear design that is easy to understand.  Their product is very clever but simple to use and we have created a site for them to reflect these values.

This site is a gateway to their demo system as well as their main digital presence.