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You CAN do the Cube

Website, bespoke applications, optimised performance

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Who’s Involved?

You CAN do the Cube is an educational organisation that covers the whole of the United States and Canada. It provides educational material for teachers who wish to use the Rubik’s Cube as a tool to educate students in STEM subjects.

What was Needed?

Like many businesses, You CAN do the Cube needed a more professional website, one that could sell online and provide access to complex information. But You CAN do the Cube also needed to have a online Library, not a regularly library where you borrow books or DVDs, but one that can lend you hundreds of Rubik’s cubes!

When we first started working with You CAN do the Cube, they were processing requests to borrow sets of cubes manually using emails and spreadsheets. It was especially difficult to track products that has been ‘borrowed’ rather than ‘purchased’. (Both options are available to teachers.) In fact there are currently 82,925 cubes out on loan in the USA alone at the time of writing. Originally, before the Lending Library application was built, the optimum number of products couldn't be borrowed and a large buffer of sets were kept in stock ‘just in case’. The team needed something much more robust.

Other products were booked internally to facilitate events. With a large programme of competitions and workshops, the team needed reliable stock levels of items such as tablecloths, table numbers, medals, timers, etc. In fact they needed to keep track of 94 different items.

A diverse group of administrators of the system with various access and location requirements was also required.

What Happened?

Climbing Turn’s role was twofold, to create a bespoke website and separate Lending Library Application.

The website manages product purchases and discounts, teaching resources plus facilitate offers such as discounts on certain products, multiple order or shipping. It also gives customers the ability to make requests to the Lending Library Application.

A bespoke Lending Library Application was created to manage borrowing requests. A suite of email templates was created, easily modified by the administrator.

As well as tracking product levels and availability, (requests and returns), customers and users needed optimum flexibility for any combination of products to be requested and promoted. Monitoring stock levels and tracking orders would enable availability and delivery timescales to be calculated, increasing efficiencies and in turn business performance.

Whilst handling a complex range of products, engagement options and user access levels, it was crucial to develop an intuitive system that was easy to use. The technology had to work for the people involved as well as the business processes, with maximum flexibility.

Secure user access was essential. This involved a range of access rights, based upon geographical areas, with layers of users with differing responsibilities and flexibility.

The Outcome

Goal Management

The new system enables the team to manage and reach their goals more easily. These goals are displayed in reports as well as on processing screens to give the administrator an instant view on where they are with the number of cubes pledged. Users can easily see stock levels, new orders and when ‘borrowed’ products are scheduled for return. An optimal buffer of sets can be tweaked so that it can deal with calendar events such as competitions, allowing a competition to be prioritised if required.  This enables increased flexibility in order fulfilment.

Time Efficiency

The automation involved with order processing and tracking has freed considerable time internally.

Efficient Reporting

The system provides the customer with 14 different types of report, such as

  • Future Inventory Projection
  • Summary of Cubes in Requests
  • Target Analysis for the Month

The Client’s Perspective

We found Climbing Turn to be a knowledgeable and trustworthy agency who we could rely upon to help us relaunch our educational site. Climbing Turn have completely redesigned our old website and we couldn't be happier. The site has been comprehensively reorganised to our requirements and now our audience can find their way round easily. We value the ability to talk directly to Climbing Turn and get honest advice.