Mapping Samba Drives

Getting Windows 7 to Automatically Connect to a Samba Share at Logon

So I've set up my new and shiney Ubuntu server with Samba Shares and sorted out all the access problems and I'm only left with one little annoyance.

My blessed Windows 7 laptop keeps asking me for my username and password every time I reboot!

I have a drive mapped to the Ubuntu Server and I have chosen to remember my username and password next time I log on but alas my computer is just playing with me!  Ha ha, very funny.  Oh yes, it remembers who I am until I log off but then annoyingly has to be reminded next time I reboot and click on that network share.

Well, I've got round to fixing this annoyance so I thought that I would share this with you.

  1. Open Control Panel  > User Accounts and Family Safety 
  2. Choose Credential Manager
    (or you could just search for Credential Manager once you have selected the control panel)
  3. You will see "Store credentials for automatic logon"
  4. Click on "Add a Windows credential"
  5. Enter the netbios name or IP address for your Samba server, your username and password
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