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Sunlight through the trees

Vantage RE

Discover how our team created a new website for Vantage RE, with design, online branding and content.

Who’s Involved?

Vantage RE Ltd (Vantage RE), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TMB). It has been established to own, develop, operate, and manage a portfolio of renewable energy assets in the United Kingdom and Europe. Formed on 1st July 2021, and Headquartered in London, Vantage RE’s portfolio consists of solar, onshore, and offshore wind assets and today, it has a total capacity of c530MW.

Vantage RE aspires to be a leading provider of renewable energy in the UK and Europe.

What was Needed?

Vantage RE needed a website to communicate and share information with a wide range of target visitors: investors, banks, TNB, potential sellers, advisers, partners, developers, general public and potential employees as well as the Vantage RE team. This broad audience made the project both challenging and interesting.

Integral to the website development was the need to establish a suitable ‘voice’ for Vantage RE alongside the emergence of its online brand which we were heavily involved with.

This was to be Vantage RE’s first website. With no previous analysis available, this was an exciting and empowering project.

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What Happened:

Information Gathering

Our first action was to get to know the company, its ethos and the people involved with the project. This involved a lot of talking! We find this approach gives the best opportunity for an in-depth understanding of a business, how it sees itself and how it wants to be viewed by the outside world. Our discussion involved the CEO and department heads plus engineers and the finance team.


The discovery phase enabled us to determine the right tone of voice and key messages for Vantage RE. Prioritising the various audiences was a key outcome, resulting in the general public being the main focus of the website’s primary message (and therefore the Home page).

A Unique Look

It was hugely important to us that we delivered a unique website to Vantage RE – one that truly stood out from the crowd and represented their vision and values. The website was created using ExpressionEngine using a Content Management System that the team would easily utilise to add fresh content and strengthen the website’s optimisation.  In addition, our team was involved with creating the content for the website.

Throughout the development of the website, our team offered friendly, expert guidance as needed.

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The Client’s Perspective

Climbing Turn have done a brilliant job, they should be so proud of it.

We'd like to thank our talented digital partners Climbing Turn who helped us to bring the Vantage RE story to life. It's fantastic to see the results.