Web Design

What makes good design?

Man drawing web design on glass

What makes good design?

That is a good question and it is quite subjective which is why we listen to you carefully in order to understand your business and help you with your brand.  All of our customers want to be seen to stand for quality and excellence; we will help you to get the essence of your unique selling points across online.

Our approach to website design starts with what you are trying to achieve.  We'll ask you about your business, we'll ask you about your competitors and we'll ask you about your potential customers.

Screen grab showing design in progress


UX, you might have heard of that term and maybe you think that you should know what it is. It is short for user experience.
You might think that web design is all about colours, positioning and impact.  It is so much more, especially online.  Online people have come to expect and understand a particular type of symantic that helps them to navigate websites; we understand that language and we can ensure that you speak that language to your customers.

We can advise you on what works best, especially with navigtion.  Understanding where people's eyes are focusing is really important if you want them to understand your website.  You don't want them to leave your site simply because they didn't notice what to you looks like a very obvious call to action.


Did you know that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colour blind?  You might not think that this is important but it most certainly is if the colours that you choose for your website mean that 4.5% of your potential customers can't see what you have published on your website!

A total of 173,735 people in the UK are registered severely sight impaired and 176,125 are registered sight impaired.  You can see that it is important that your site is accessible as you do not wish to exclude your potential customers unwhittingly.

That's why we make sure that our sites are easily readable with a screen reader and we encourage you to unclude information about the nature of any images on your site so that the screen reader can tell your visitor what they are looking at.