ExpressionEngine Tips and Tricks

Sharing a few of our experiences developing sites using EE

We've been using ExpressionEngine on our clients' sites (and our own) for a few years now and in that time have learnt some tips and tricks which have made our lives easier. We also do a lot of ExpressionEngine installs on Windows / IIS so we've included some solutions to common problems. EE works perfectly well on IIS - there's just a few things you need to know.

We hope these tips and tricks are a positive contribution to the EE community and help our fellow EEers avoid some of the common mistakes we've made. Please note, this is just a casual list of solutions to problems we've come across so we can't guarantee that any of these will work for you. We're always happy to hear from you if you've got an alternative solution to any of these problems, but we don't provide support.The best place for ExpressionEngine support is the absolutely awesome ExpressionEngine Answers on Stack Exchange and of course ExpressionEngine's Forums.

All of these short articles relate to ExpressionEngine.

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