Using SafeCracker with AJAX and Solspace Calendar

A great combination with a few gotchas!

We did a big development using a combination of Safecracker with Solspace Calendar and ObjectiveHTML's Google Maps plugins. This gave our client, Vamos Theatre, a fantastic web app which fed directly onto their public website.

The web application got quite complex as we had to mix our plugins togther inside multiple safecracker forms on the same page. A couple of things we discovered were:

  1. The safecracker form containing the calendar_widget must use the default safecracket form id of publishForm otherwise the calendar widget will not work. This is hard coded in themes/third_party/calendar/calendar_publish.js
  2. To get ajax working on the safecracker forms you must use the parameter include_jquery="no" if you're including your own jquery script reference.
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